Consuming Cannabis Is A Crime. Well, Unless 1 Million Europeans Sign This

Cannabis Is A Crime⁉️




Consuming Cannabis Is A Crime. Well, Unless 1 Million Europeans Sign Thisuntitled_design

Let’s open up the debate on legalizing Cannabis in Europe. Sign the first law proposal on cannabis consumption in Europe

With 1 million signatures, this law proposal may be voted by the European Parliament

To talk about cannabis is to talk about the forbidden

Despite cannabis prohibition in Europe, 77 million Europeans declare having already consumed cannabis during their lives. Among this number, 9 million young adults (15-34 years) declare having consumed cannabis during this last month. These citizens are reaching out to the only suppliers, the underground networks, and thus sustaining a black market, with all theharmful consequences it has on the economy, human lives and more. Today, this market is entirely neglected by the public authorities.

Weed Like to Talk proposes to legalise the consumption, production, and selling of cannabis

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Finding Quality Cannabis Seeds Online

Cannabis for Medical Purpose

Quality cannabis seed

Many nations have changed their laws regarding the use, cultivation and sale of cannabis and cannabis products. As are result, more people are growing their own cannabis plants for medicinal purposes than ever before. Growers are now able to plant cannabis without fear of prosecution in their respective countries, thus the demand for quality seeds is higher than ever.

There are numerous seed banks and online shops offering quality cannabis seeds for sale at affordable prices. Most of them offer free shipping, complimentary seed samples and other special offers to attract customers. With the many options available to growers, it is easy to become confused about how to find the best seeds online.

Cannabis seeds online

The first thing potential customers should research is the seed bank’s website. It should provide buyers with several points of information to make customers comfortable and satisfied including price structure, product descriptions, quality measures and safety policies. A…

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Tramadol and Nucynta

Pain killer ..

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Tramadol, the generic for the brand name Ultram, is a messy drug. It’s a pain reliever that has actions on several types of brain receptors: the mu opioid, serotonin, norepinephrine, NMDA, and other receptors.

Because it stimulates the mu opioid receptors, it can cause feelings of pleasure as well as pain relief. Tramadol is far less active at the mu opioid receptors than its metabolite, and it takes time for the tramadol to be metabolized in the liver to its first metabolite. Because of this delay, some experts thought it wouldn’t appeal to addicts, who prefer an immediate high. Overall this is probably true, and tramadol has a much lower rate of addiction than other opioids, but it still causes addiction in some patients.

Some of tramadol’s pain relieving properties may also be produced by its actions on serotonin and norepinephrine receptors, since tramadol’s pain relieving capability is only partially…

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